Know your Client Services from your Professional Services?

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Know what a Professional Services Director does? You wouldn’t be alone if you said no....

By Pareto Team


Know what a Professional Services Director does? You wouldn’t be alone if you said no.

Within the last couple of years, we’ve been tasked with hunting down numerous Sales Directors, Marketing Directors and HR Directors.

These staple titles for senior business figures have been around for decades and are unlikely to change. However, in some areas of a business, the scope of senior positions has changed enormously, as have the job titles that come with them.

With the evolution of technology have come new roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Head of eCommerce, SEO Manager and Chief Information Officer. Even more diverse are all the emerging titles around customer service: Customer Success Manager, Customer Experience Director, Customer Engagement Director, Customer Relationship Manager and Professional Services Director. Fewer and fewer companies seem to be sticking to the traditional Client Services Director title, which reflects the transformation of the role.

Could this be confusing for potential applicants? For candidates actively on the lookout for a new role, the disparity between their current title and the new titles out there might lead to missed opportunities. If they’re basing their search on ‘Client Services’ for example then they might not stumble across a promising ‘Professional Services Director’ role which would be a perfect fit.

As executive recruiters, we feel positive about the growing scope of opportunities for our candidates. Similarly, the choice of our clients to clearly define roles in the context of their business and adjust the titles to reflect this, can only mean greater clarity for both employer and candidate.

If you’re interested in any of the roles mentioned, or need advice on how to define a vacancy in your business, get in touch with Pareto Executive. We’ve been filling senior commercial roles for more than two decades so are well versed in matching candidates to any role imaginable. Get in touch to find out more.

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