Realising the Potential of Emerging Talent in Tech

As part of Pareto’s insights series,...

By Pareto Team



As part of Pareto’s insights series, discover how emerging talent can be the alternative solution for Heads of IT and Change and Transformation specialists who are combatting the hiring challenges within the tech industry.

Tech is ever-evolving, an industry always seeking innovation and where change and transformation are a constant. With this continual need to grow comes a demand for talent with the skill sets to implement growth, and many challenges in the tech field, from an ageing, competitive and expensive workforce to the digital skills gap, making it difficult for Heads of IT and Change and Transformation.

Emerging Talent is the Alternative Solution

Due to the growing demand for talent within the industry, tech job opportunities have reached a 10-year high over the past two years. To combat this issue, many tech companies instantly turn to the more experienced talent within the market. However, the competitive demand for seasoned professionals comes with the added caveat of organisations offering higher salaries to tempt the most skilled people into their business and away from their competitors. 

With UK tech salaries almost 80% higher than salaries for non-tech jobs, unless your business has unlimited expenditure, solely hiring experienced professionals is not a sustainable model. That's where emerging talent comes in. 

Otherwise known as entry-level or graduate talent, emerging talent comes with significant benefits and can have a massive impact on your business. Emerging talent can take up the less intricate tasks to free up your experienced employees and create a future talent pipeline for your company. Additionally, emerging talent is a cost-effective option for growing the future of digitally savvy and diverse tech professionals. 

In this insight, you will discover that emerging talent is the alternative solution to help you overcome your hiring pain points and enhance your business. 

This insight delves into these key areas:

  • The Challenges of Finding Top Talent in Today’s Tech Market
  • Why Emerging Talent Has Been Dismissed Historically
  • How Emerging Talent Can Impact Your Tech Business
  • The Benefits of Hiring Emerging Talent
  • How You Can Get the Best Out of Emerging Talent
“Often, there are preconceived ideas about what emerging talent is capable of. Some of the biggest feedback we get in Project Solutions is that graduates and emerging talent are much more capable than expected. They can pick up more responsibility than we initially thought."

George Mellor, Sales Director at Pareto 

Of course, you will always need to make experienced hires within your organisation, but this doesn't have to be your only method for hiring. This emerging talent insight piece gives you an alternative solution to consider if you are serious about providing longevity for your tech business. 

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Pareto has been investing in top talent for over 25 years. Our expertise has helped assess, place and train the best professionals globally in the world of tech. In addition, our Project Solutions can help Heads of IT and experienced Change and Transformation professionals bring emerging talent into their tech department or business. Ultimately, we make it our mission to empower people and businesses worldwide to realise their potential. 

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