Sales Essentials

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This course will kick-start a successful career in sales and provides a platform to make connections and meet others who are required to undertake a proactive and consultative sales approach with clients and prospects. 

Typical job roles include Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, Business Development Executives and Business Development Representatives.

Key Outcomes from Sales Fundamentals

  • What sales is and how the sales process aligns to a client’s buying journey and the knowledge skills and behaviours needed to be successful in sales.  
  • How to connect with a prospect or client through a phone call and strategic media using effective communication skills and a call structure that drives commitment for next steps
  • How to create a SMART plan for their ongoing development needs to proactively manage their own self development

Training Approach

Prior to attending the course delegates will need to: 

  • Have awareness of their company’s sector, the service and solution their company provides and the types of clients they sell to. The activities in the course will build on how to apply this knowledge through practical skills application
  • Have or create a LinkedIn profile that will be used as part of the session
  • Complete an individual styles questionnaire that will identify their preferred style

Session details
Day 1: Introduction to Sales
Topics in this session:

  • The benefit of a consultative sales approach to drive sales performance
  • Identify individual styles to communicate effectively
  • Your approach and role in the sales process

Day 2: Making a connection
Topics in this session:

  • Understand cadence to connect with a client or prospect through social platforms (LinkedIn) and proactive phone calls
  • Prepare for a call to a client or prospect using the IDEAL call structure,  question to establish needs and build value in your proposition 
  • Handle objections to overcome barriers and improve client engagement and commitment

Day 3: Application of skills
Topics in this session:

  • Prepare and practice for the call evaluation 
  • Demonstrate a proactive call to connect with a client or prospect
  • Create SMART goals for your success

Delegates will apply the skills gained in a final evaluation that will demonstrate how to successfully complete a phone call with commitment for next steps
Next steps 

  • Professional Sales (Link to)
  • Account Management (Link to)
  • Strategic Prospecting / Social selling? (Link to) 
  • Live Prospecting (Link to)

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