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Perfect For:

This course is for delegates who proactively manage and service accounts and territories. Typical job roles include (but not limited too) Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers, Business Development Executives, Business Development Representatives

Course Overview

This practical course will provide delegates with a strategic plan to proactively grow accounts and to develop a relationship as a trusted adviser. Delegates will ‘audit’ their accounts to identify opportunities and strengths of existing relationships.  

Through facilitated discussion delegates will be challenged to identify which account should be prioritised for future potential. To attend this course delegates will require one or more accounts to apply the techniques to. Alternatively a number of accounts that form part of a segmentation plan. 
Once accounts to prioritise have been identified delegates will then create a tactical plan to grow and protect the account(s)/segment. 
Delegates will discuss and present their plans in groups and will receive feedback and support from our expert facilitators. 

Key Outcomes from Sales Fundamentals

  • How to identify existing accounts to grow, protect and build and put in place a proactive plan for account development
  • How to create a stakeholder plan that identifies who to build trusted relationships with and how to leverage and influence stakeholders
  • How to present a tactical plan to proactively grow and protect an account or segment 

As this course is interactive delegates are required to bring their own mobile devices to the session.

Training Approach

Prior to attending the course delegates will need to : 

  • Have awareness of their company’s account management prioritisation or strategy
  • Identified 2-3 clients that can be used to demonstrate their skills in practice

Delegates will apply the skills gained in a final activity that will be presented back and critiqued against the techniques provided.

Modules Covered

Session 1: 
Topics in this session: 

  • Principles of proactive account development and how to identify potential and opportunity within an account
  • Becoming a trusted adviser and how to measure trust to build relationships within an account 

Session 2: 
Topics in this session:

  • Stakeholder inventories and how to build and map influence across an account 
  • Analyse the micro and macro environment using a SWOT analysis and account development action plans

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