Creative thinking and problem solving

Perfect For:

Any individual that is tasked with solving business challenges.  This can be Leaders or Managers, Product Owners or teams across the strata of an organisation.  

Anyone in any department that is responsible for creating value and successful outcomes from problems or business challenges.

Key Outcomes from Sales Fundamentals

Is delivering key presentations a strength across your teams?  How many individuals do you have that need to take important messages to others?  What is the outcome of those presentations and how do you measure both engagement and outcomes?  What is the true Return on Objective (ROO) across the presentations delivered?  

Most people receive presentations/messages within their organisations every day…some land and some don’t.  What if all of those messages landed as intended?  What if presentations were no longer something that evoked the ‘eye roll’ and instead were enjoyed by presenter and audience? 

Delivering high impact presentations that engage and inspire give organisations the edge.  Engaged audiences do, and do willingly when they understand the Why and WIIFM (Whats in it for me?) and they connect with purpose to the message and also the authenticity of the presenter.  This course will help individuals, teams and organisations do just that, creating positive outcomes and ROO on presentations.

Training Approach

The aim of the course is to build the skills and techniques to unlock the creative thinking and problem solving abilities of individuals or teams.  The outcome is that it enables learners to solve business challenges for maximum Return on Objective.

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