What do Monzo, a Vegan Sausage Roll and a Pareto University Sales Graduate have in Common?

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While the parallels between the three might not seem obvious at first glance, the uniting fa...

By Pareto Team


While the parallels between the three might not seem obvious at first glance, the uniting factor between them is the fast-paced route they took to success. From understanding demand to implementing a plan for strategic growth to pave a route to the top, we took a look at the measures behind the accomplishments of each.


Monzo, a company embracing a brand new way of looking at banking, forms part of the wave of Fintech companies sweeping through to disrupt the financial services sector. With their firm focus on smart tech and a strong customer-first stance they famously raised 1 million pounds in only 96 seconds in their initial attempt at crowdfunding. The company went from being, in their own terms, a ‘scrappy start-up’ to a fully-licensed, regulated bank with over £2 billion spent through their company in the last 4 years alone. 40, 000 people open a new account with Monzo every week, and there's no sign of a slowdown!

So, why the instant success?  It stems from their customer-centric attitude. They took time to fully understand the gap in internet banking. Monzo quickly realised their Gen Z customers had a mistrust of traditional banks, craving a new bank that could keep up with the other smart technologies at their fingertips. Monzo allow customers to easily split transactions, set spending budgets and enjoy free-spending abroad. Monzo’s ability to recognise demand and deliver a well thought-through, first-class solution means they have been able to skyrocket their success and profitability quickly. Monzo is a key example of how the right preparation, focus and a clear cut understanding of need can facilitate exponential sales growth.


Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

So, what on earth can banking have to do with a Vegan sausage roll? Well, Greggs, high-street lunchtime giant and the UK’s biggest bakery chain also cashed in on this formula of recognising a demand for a product or service. They provided their product quickly, but most importantly, at a high quality.

Greggs, keenly monitoring the rise of the demand for plant-based products, capitalised on Veganuary with the launch of their vegan sausage roll at the beginning of this year (2019) - selling out in dozens of stores. Sales immediately climbed by an unprecedented 10%. Their share value reached its highest ever at £17.13, pushing their business value beyond £1.8 billion and kicking-off their 2019 very nicely indeed. Like Monzo, Greggs understood exactly what their customers needed and provided a first-rate, tailored solution to fast-track their success in sales.


Pareto University Sales Graduate

Last, but by no means least, we’re looking at a Pareto trained, University Graduate. We’ve seen how excellent preparation, having an understanding of the market and harnessing the ability to evolve to stay ahead of the competition sky-rocketed both Greggs and Monzo’s success. Pareto trained sales graduates encompass all of these skills, ready to hit the ground running as a part of a sales team.

Don’t just take our word for it though. We’re putting the spotlight on 5 of our latest success stories looking at how Pareto can help your business exceed sales targets with exceptional graduates.  


Our 5 Graduate Superstars:

The Pareto Sales Graduate - Lewis Donnelly

Lewis Donnelly

The Company - Unit4

Unit4 is a leading ERP provider to people-centric businesses globally, with a significant footprint in the UKI. Lewis joined Unit4 as a graduate in October 2017 as an Internal Account Manager. His role is to nurture existing customers via up-selling and cross-selling in order to protect Unit4’s recurring revenue. 


The facts:

  • Lewis overachieved on both License and Recurring Revenue targets in 2018, finishing the year at 137% annual target.
  • Lewis gained a place in the Unit4 Top Performers Club.
  • Lewis achieved the UKI’s “Deal of the Quarter Q3”
  • Lewis was promoted to field sales within 14 months of joining Unit4 and is now focusing on Higher Education across the UK.
  • As part of our Inside Sales team in 2018, Lewis was the “face of Unit4” to a complex mix of customers across multiple platforms in multiple markets


What did his manager say about him?

Since the 1st day Lewis joined, he’s been an obvious high performer and a focus in our Talent Program.

Lewis has sustained very high levels in all quarters to date – not just against Revenue targets but also at ensuring KPIs and behaviours in activity deliver at levels which set the benchmark. To ensure that Lewis delivered flexible revenue (across all our platforms and solutions) he took on the challenge to deliver revenue in all Unit4 solutions and delivered fully by cross and up selling his customers.

When building a Grad program, there’s always a model of perfection that you aim for and I’m glad to say that Lewis 100% fits that definition – Lewis has a great career ahead of him.


Lewis said:

Pareto's assessment centre allowed me to get a 360 degree understanding of the business I may have been recruited by - enabling me to make the best decision possible and the Pareto team were incredibly responsive and transparent throughout the whole process.

Ongoing training by Pareto has enabled me to further develop my skills in Sales, which will help me progress during my career to become a more complete salesperson.


The Pareto Sales Graduate – Syed Hussain

The company - 28 Hands

28 Hands Mail Manager is an intelligent software for email management procedures.

Developed by Arup, Mail Manager allows the user to search, file and store emails fast and intelligently, making it an ideal solution for project-based businesses all over the world.

Syed was brought on to manage relationships with existing clients by finding solutions for their needs and identifying opportunities for them to increase their productivity.


The facts:

  • During Syed’s time company renewal rate went from 90% to 95%.
  • At only 4 weeks into his role, Syed stepped up and ran the Account Management team with great success.
  • Syed has consistently over achieved on his revenue booked.


Syed’s Manager said:

Since joining the team, Syed has over achieved on his revenue booked. He’s generated appointments as well as getting old clients back. During Syed’s time here, our company renewal rate went from 90% to 95% which is so significant.

Syed is a great role model and creates positivity across the whole team. Only 4 weeks into his role here, he stepped up and ran our Account Management team and he absolutely stepped up to the challenge.


Syed said:

The training process from Pareto gave me enough insight into sales theory to get me started as an Account Manager. From that starting point, I have learned and improved greatly throughout my work by staying focused and being pragmatic. So far, working for 28Hands has been challenging but certainly rewarding.


The Pareto Sales Graduate - Carrie Thompson

The Company - Neustar

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with responsible identity resolution. As a company built on a foundation of Privacy by Design, Neustar is depended upon by the world's largest corporations to help grow, guard and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of how to connect people, places and things. Carrie was placed in June 2018 as an SDR.


The facts:

  • Carrie has generated over a million dollars in qualified pipeline for our sales team this year alone.
  • Carrie received global recognition in January and was commended for her innovative use of social selling very early into her career.
  • Already Carrie is a top performing SDR.
  • Carrie has been ear-marked for promotion to Account Executive soon - normally this takes years.


Carrie’s manager said:

Carrie’s outgoing and determined personality shines through in her work on a daily basis. Her day is not complete if she is not on top of each of the leader boards. Carrie’s competitive nature has contributed greatly to her success, despite this she stays humble in her accomplishments. 

She has generated over a million dollars in qualified pipeline for our sales team this year alone and has also taken the initiative to take it a step further and run sales calls from start to finish herself, while preparing for her next role as an Account Executive. 

In my many years of management can honestly say, I have never previously worked with an individual so helpful, dedicated, and determined to not only better herself every day, but also better our team while keeping a positive, competitive attitude. We would be lost without her on the team.


Carrie said:

I am so pleased that I found my job through Pareto. The assessment day and placing process is done with such care and a real understanding of where a graduate will thrive best starting their sales career.

In the first year in my current role at Neustar, I have loved finding ways to prospect into untapped clients and nurture their interest in our solutions. I am excited to progress at Neustar and take on the challenge of seeing a client through the full sales cycle.


The Pareto Sales Graduate - Scott Taylor

The Company - James Fisher Prolec

James Fisher Prolec are market-leaders in safety and productivity systems designed for the civil construction, rail and marine industries. The systems they design, engineer and manufacture protect operators, assets and the general public on a daily basis. Scott was hired to provide lead generation and expand brand and product awareness across the UK market for new and existing customers.


The facts:

  • Scott successfully implemented the first stage of the company’s new CRM system, a project of the highest importance to the business, and a responsibility typically undertaken by more experienced executives. 
  • Scott also successfully supported the development and implementation of a new value-added service for his company, projected to deliver major revenue returns. 


Scott’s Manager said:

Scott has proven to embrace challenges, taking the lead on several projects without previous experience in those areas, and has shown he is clearly wanting to learn and grow within the business.

Scott has worked hard to reinitiate James Fisher Prolec’s presence with new and prospective customers.


Scott said:

All the Pareto team are fully supportive and prepare you for every stage of the journey; whether that be the assessment day the interview process or the training once you’ve been placed. The continued support from the Account Managers is truly valued as they regularly check up with you and take the time to speak with you to see how you’re progressing.


The Pareto Sales Graduate - Georgia Ferriday

The company – Busch UK

Busch UK is part of the fast expanding Busch Group - and is focussed on doubling its global turnover in the next 5 years through organic growth and acquisition. To support this activity Busch UK has a programme of growing its own expertise through a graduate recruitment scheme into which Georgia has been taken to fast track learning and all round business competence to support our ambitious growth targets.


The facts:

  • Georgia has already shown invaluable skill in her implementation across a range of important local and global projects. 
  • Georgia’s insightful support towards upcoming projects is projected to have a substantial impact for the company’s continuing success and revenue. 


Georgia’s manager said:

Georgia has shown exactly the sort of capability and qualities we are aiming to gain from our graduate scheme - flexibility to tackle a range of diverse tasks, an inquisitive and enquiring mind that brings a fresh view to each project and applies a critical and analytical view and when creating solution options.


Georgia said:

The Pareto Assessment day helped identify my personal development needs, which helped me focus on the relevant training from Pareto to help me perform at my full potential. The training has been excellent and helped me to achieve what I set out to do when I first signed up to Pareto, that being to have a successful career in sales.

My new role in Busch UK has offered a range of opportunities that have enabled me to excel in a career in sales. This placement has given me more job and self-satisfaction than I could've hoped for, and I am very grateful to Busch UK and Pareto for helping me achieve this.


What is special about the Pareto graduate recruitment process?

At Pareto, we’re proud to say that our exceptional graduate recruitment and training process allows us to place graduates that are equipped with the talent and training to drive sales, fast. We place over 2000 graduates every year, and the four we have put the spotlight on here are just a snapshot of the many success stories we are so committed to facilitating.

Each of our graduates is given 128 hours of our market leading face-to-face training. We also complement our classroom-based courses with an LPI accredited digital sales training programme built around information retention, increased productivity and exceptional ROI.


Are you ready to fast-track your way to the top with a Pareto Graduate?

With a Pareto trained graduate, we can help you to realise the potential of your sales team. Our acclaimed training courses teach delegates the most successful and proven techniques empowering them with key skills necessary for an accelerated career in sales.


• 120,000 sales professionals trained

• 96% of delegates recommend our sales courses to their network

• 93% of delegates saw an immediate uplift in their performance after undertaking a sales course


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