The Questions you Need to ask After the Interview (part two)

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So you’ve finished the dreaded interview, thought and re-thought about your answers, l...

By Pareto Team


So you’ve finished the dreaded interview, thought and re-thought about your answers, looked them directly in the eye and you are now walking out of the room- but what now?

Number 1.  Do not leave without asking “what happens next?” You have every right to know what the next stage of the recruitment process is, how many more people they have left to interview and what would the possible start date be.  After all, you need to plan ahead and getting answers to these questions also helps settle your nerves.  You now know when to expect a phone call, so you won’t be twiddling your thumbs and panicking whenever you hear your phone ring- relax; the worst bit is now over.

Number 2. Give a firm hand shake whilst looking them in the eye, with a big smile, when saying goodbye.  You want to leave a positive impression; not be seen shuffling off as a nervous wreck.  Walk out of there with your head held high (you will also notice you confidence will increase).

And finally, the tip many candidates do not do; write a follow up e-mail! Business entrepreneur James Caan, says:

“I would then send an email the next morning” with what he calls “the subtle sell”.

“Many people think an interview is over once they leave the meeting, but in actual fact the recruitment process continues. Companies go over CVs and interview notes to help them make a decision – and a good follow up can tip the scales in your favour.”

This final piece of advice is definitely worth following.  It leaves a great impression with your potential employees, proves your communication skills (which you have so aptly talked about during the interview), shows off your professionalism, but it also allows you to further enhance your chances of getting the job.  And, most importantly- it shows your pro-activeness.

The next time you apply for a role- try these simple steps.  Just write down a list of all you want to do during the recruitment process; because being planned and prepared really does shine through in an interview!

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