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When you are searching for a new career, the normal thoughts and feelings will go through yo...

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When you are searching for a new career, the normal thoughts and feelings will go through your mind. What kind of job? Do I want to work in an office? Which sector? If you are in a bit of a muddle and need some career inspiration then take a look at these unusual jobs you could apply for this year…

A human bed warmer

Here in the UK we out of everyone know the ins and outs of home comforts. In this dreary January weather it’s no surprise most of us will be cuddling up tonight amongst excess blankets, pillows and no doubt a hot beverage. One hotel chain however, is taking comfort to the next level with using humans as hot water bottles!

Don’t worry, Holiday Inn guests will never actually have to stay in their beds with their own human bed warmers. Employees are dressed in all in one sleep suits and sent to the guest’s bedrooms before they arrive to get the beds warm to ensure a cosy nights sleep. So if you don’t fancy bringing your hot water bottle with you on your next weekend break, your human electric blanket will have your bed warmed in no time!

Water Slide Tester

If you’ve had enough of the miserable British weather, spending your days sat in your office and are done with 9-5 routine then this one is probably for you! Can you think of anything better than being able to play in waterparks and jet set around the world slipping and sliding around? This is now a paid job. The role of water slide tester is to travel around Europe and Africa testing out various companies’ waterpark attractions and reporting findings back to First Choice and also spreading it across social media. So if you fancy swapping your slippers for sandals, sun and splashing around, then an overseas career of water fun may be for you!

Beer Smeller

A new one for 2016, popular Scottish brewers BrewDog are looking for someone to smell and drink beer for them, finding the best qualities within the beers. A degree in science is desirable and experience is an absolute must!

Train Pusher

Have you ever felt like the underground is just too much to deal with? Well over in Japan there is now a team of people employed to literally push those helpless stragglers onto trains in the city. The professional pushers aren’t just lending their hands to get people on the trains; they are also required to pull of the sneaky people who attempted to board the train too late! I wouldn’t want to be that person being hoisted off the Japanese rail system and that’s for sure!

More interesting and strange jobs available include; a Placenta Chef, which requires a hardened stomach and those interested in cooking! Or perhaps you fancy being a Chicken Sexer? You know, one of those people who are well known for determining the sex of the British chickens across the country of course…


About the author: Written by Kat Robbins; Kat is part of the Pareto Candidate Marketing Team and is experienced in broadcasting, writing and blogging with a passion for communications and marketing. Kat is a gin drinker and cat lover and helps drive the best graduates to the top sales roles here at Pareto.



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