National Apprenticeship Week 2022

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With the 15th national apprenticeship week underway, it’s time to celebrate how apprentice...

By Pareto Team


With the 15th national apprenticeship week underway, it’s time to celebrate how apprenticeships can positively impact individuals, businesses and local communities. Like 2021, ‘Build the Future’ is the theme for this year’s national apprenticeship week.

The week-long event is in place to encourage people to develop their skills and knowledge through an apprenticeship. For those that desire a career path with lots of future potential, apprenticeships can lead you in the right direction. By gaining an apprenticeship qualification, you are gaining the necessary experience to help you progress and climb the career ladder.  

For employers, apprenticeships are a vital tool to recruit and nurture talent. As apprentices develop an extensive array of skills, companies can close their skills gap and future proof their business. With apprentices more likely to stick around, you will see a return on your investment in the long run. Due to government funding, apprenticeships prove to be a more cost effective method of filling positions than other recruitment options. 

Here at Pareto, we run a range of apprenticeship schemes that vary in difficulty. The qualifications we offer are Team Leader Level 3, Level 3 IT Technical Sales, Level 4 Sales Executive and Level 5 Operations Manager. To ensure optimum productivity, 80% of the learning is completed in the workplace, while the remaining time is spent doing off-the-job training.

Make sure to contact us today if signing up for an apprenticeship is something that interests you. 

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