ISE Delivering Apprenticeships Conference 2022

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The Institute of Student Employers are hosting an online event about the delivering of appr...

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The Institute of Student Employers are hosting an online event about the delivering of apprenticeships. Taking place from the 23-24 February 2022, the conference is hosting a number of different speakers. A range of themes will be covered during the conference, with each speaker aiming to provide value across the subject.

With support from Randstad and Gilly Cooper, Senior HR Director, International, Veritas Technology, we will be covering a section on the second day of the conference, the 24th February. The talk revolves around the value of apprenticeship recruitment processes that focus on core competencies and talent potential.

We believe that talent comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, we deem it necessary to offer a process that provides everyone with the opportunity to demonstrate their potential, something that is essential for organisations who are looking to recruit a resilient and diverse workforce.

During our talk, you will learn how to get added value from early careers recruitment processes, by prioritising a human-led approach in the selection and assessment process. Instead of purely focusing on education, we concentrate our attention on competencies. We have also realised the need for a mind-set shift to look for people with behavioural and character aptitude, as opposed to those who simply have the right answers and education.

In addition to our talk, there will be a number of key speakers in attendance. Some of these include SMRS and UCAS, who will be providing guidance on how to understand apprentices. Amberjack will be exploring the impact of the ongoing skills shortage in the UK, while Gen Healthy Minds are advising how companies can support the mental health and wellbeing of apprentices.   

To sign up for this virtual event you can book a place through the ISE website. 

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