How to get ready for an apprenticeship interview

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Before you can secure an apprenticeship role, you will have to complete an apprenticeship i...

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Before you can secure an apprenticeship role, you will have to complete an apprenticeship interview. This is your chance to show that you are the right fit and keen to learn. Although, this might seem like a daunting prospect, it’s actually nothing to worry about. It’s also an opportunity to find out more about the company, as well as determining whether the job is right for you. In this article, we will take you through a list of things that you can do to help you in your preparation for an apprenticeship interview.

Analyse the job description

Going through and closely observing the job description will remind you why you were attracted to the position in the first place. This might spark a renewed interest and passion for the vacant position, something that you should aim to get across to the employer. 

Instead of simply reading the job description, you should pick out the skills and experience that are required. While, there’s not a necessity for you to be the perfect candidate, you need to be able to explain how your skills and experience are relevant to the position.

Even if there doesn’t appear to be a direct correlation between what’s stated in the job description and your experience, you should be able to identify some of your relevant transferable skills.

Do your research

In preparation for an apprenticeship interview, it’s important that you thoroughly research the employer. In addition to going through their website, you can check their blog and social media pages. Having an understanding of the company’s values and culture will improve your knowledge of what’s expected in the role. This will allow you to speak more confidently in the interview, giving you a higher chance of being hired.

Practice your answers to interview question

Being nervous ahead of an apprenticeship interview is completely understandable. However, by preparing properly and practicing interview questions, you give yourself a much better chance of performing well.

Also, with interviews taking a variety of forms, you might be expected to answer questions on a video call or over the phone. Therefore, it can be helpful to practice answering a range of questions within these different formats.   

Depending on the size of the employer, you might be invited back for a second interview. In this instance, it’s likely the two interviews will require you to take different approaches. The differing interview styles will aim to discover whether you are a good match for the role and your motivations for applying.

If you are looking at a job in engineering or IT, there might also be a technical part of the interview. This will test your ability to learn and understand information about the technical side of the business.

Prepare some of your own questions

As your apprenticeship interview is coming to an end, you will be asked if you have any questions. This is another opportunity to make a good impression on the interviewer. Therefore, instead of putting yourself under pressure by thinking of these up on the spot, you should come prepared to the interview with some of your own questions to ask.

The questions that you ask don’t have to be too complicated, but they should show that you have been engaged in the interview and are equally enthusiastic about landing the role. 

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