5 things to do before embarking on your January job hunt

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January has got to be the most popular time of year for people to look for a new job. Whethe...

By Pareto Team


January has got to be the most popular time of year for people to look for a new job. Whether you’ve progressed as far as you can in your current workplace, are after a higher salary or simply need a change, you’ll be joining thousands of other UK employees looking for their next opportunity. Something about the winter break and the New Year’s resolutions makes January the most popular time of year to start the search.

Fortunately for you, companies are also hiring in January. Budgets are being set for the next year and forecasts made so employers are looking at the resource they’ll need to deliver. So what can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd and be ready to impress?

Check out our 5 tips to get set for your job search.

Revamp your CV.

We know this is the obvious one but it’s surprising how infrequently people update or refashion their CVs. Are you still using that Word template from 2006? Well, don’t. Do a bit of research and make sure the layout of your CV is up to date. Also make sure that your most recent role features first and that each role you mention contains a concise description or bullet points explaining what your responsibilities were.

Get focused.

What you shouldn’t do is just fire your CV at every open position and hope something sticks. If you don’t give it some proper thought, you might end up with something just as unfulfilling as where you are now. Reflect on your previous experience; what did you like and dislike in each role? Do you love engaging with customers and find working alone dull? Do you thrive in a competitive environment or does pressure get to you? Think about what your next role might look like and focus your search.

Do some research.

Before you send off that application, do your homework about the company you’re applying to. For one, you might discover something that would be a deal breaker for you, in which case you can avoid wasting time applying for a job you don’t want. Secondly, when writing your cover letter or filling in the application you can focus your content to suit the company. You can even go one step further and tailor your CV, making sure you focus on the relevant elements of your experience.

Find yourself.

No not like that. Find yourself online; from LinkedIn to Facebook or even that blog you wrote 5 years ago. Make sure there’s nothing about you online which might put a potential employer off. Make sure anything that doesn’t reflect a professional image is removed or hidden from public view.


Give yourself a pep talk.

Try to put yourself in a positive mindset from the point of application. If you really believe that you’re a great fit for the job, then tell yourself why. Sell yourself, to yourself. If you need to, write it down. List the requirements of the job and then write a paragraph demonstrating why you meet all the requirements of the role, including examples where you can find them. This will not only boost your confidence but is great practice for interviews.

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